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It has become customary that we always come across different scenario's as years pass by, to prove what Imam Husain (A.S) did, for the sake of Islam

This is a real miracle in today's history. This is a tree in Iran.. which bleeds warm blood at Fajr Time on 10th Muharram. These pictures are taken from the "AlMinbar" magazine published in Arabic




Moajza on Sunflower

This Moajza occured in the home of brother Waheed Akhtar in village Domel Disst. Attock, Pakistan on June 2, 2000 which was the 28th of Safar-ul-Muzaffar on Friday at about 3:15 pm. This picture was taken about 15 mintes after the moajza occured. You can clearly see the inscription of "Ya Ali" on this sunflower. This moajza was witnessed by thousands of Mohaibban-e-Aal-e-Mohammad(a.s.) in Pakistan. Now it is being placed on the internet for other momineen and mominaat.

The gentleman sitting behind the Flower is the uncle of brother Waheed Akhtar whose name is Muhammad Iqbal Abid. Brother Iqbal Abid is a famous Shair-e-Aal-e-Muhammad(as) and the writer of the famous Noha (Soora-e-Kaaf Tilawat Ker Mery Sir tay Chader Koi Naien).

Some amazing facts about the flower are as follows: The height of the sunflower plant was 12 feect, the diameter of the flower was 12 inches and the inscription on it remained for 12 days. Another amazing quality of the flower was that it did not rotate along with the rotation of sun as other sunflowers do ,its direction remained same towards every viewer had to face towards the Qibla to see the name of YA ALI.The flower also showed the name of Punj Tan-e-Pak (a.s.).

I thank brother Waheed Akhtar for sharing this photo and information with me.


Moajza on Cake

This Moajza occured in the home of brother Ghulam Rasool in Mexico City, Mexico.

Mrs. Badr-un-Nisa, wife of brother Ghulam Rasool who works in the Embassy of Pakistan in Mexico, prepared a cake in her house and upon cutting the cake, the beautiful name of ALLAH(swt) appeared on two pieces. Below is the picture of one of those pieces. A closer examination would reveal that even the ZABAR on top of ALIF and TASHDEED are visible as well.

This moajza happened during the past Ramzan and I myself witnessed the piece of cake only last evening (12-Jul-2003). It is also amazing that almost after 6 months the piece of cake is still in its original condition.

I thank brother Ghulam Rasool for sharing this photo and information with me.


Moajza on Oil Lamp

This moajza occurred in the Imambargah Sadat at Pirowal District Khanewal in Pakistan on Shab-e-Ashoor of Muharram 1427 A.H. (2006).

There were 12 diyas (Oil Lamps) in which some ladies were pouring oil and lighting them up. When 3 were left, they noticed that in the 10th diya a drop of blood was present and it was witnessed by a large number of people.

Special thanks to sister Syeda Husain from Khanewal for sharing this information and the picture.



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